Literature and Its Citation Analysis on Journal of Soil and Water Conservation from 2011 to 2022

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    In order to understand the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, based on the full text database of China National Knowledge Infrastructure (CNKI) and the literature data of the journal, the bibliometric method was used to study and analyze the publication status of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation from 2011 to 2022, understand its publication characteristics, development trend, and publication quality, and provide reference for the construction and development of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. The results show that a total of 3 948 papers were published in the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation from 2011 to 2022, with an overall upward trend in annual publication volume. The main disciplines of journal publication are agricultural basic science and agronomy. The ratio of paper funding shows a stepwise increasing trend, with a ratio of 1.00, and the number of publications for the fund projects is mainly from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, accounting for an average of 73.26%. The authors of the paper are widely distributed, mainly from 31 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) across the country, and are agricultural and forestry higher education institutions and research institutes. The total citation frequency of journals has maintained an increasing trend, and the citation frequency of influencing factors and articles has been increasing year by year, ranking in the Q1 zone of agricultural basic science disciplines. The overall influence of the Journal of Soil and Water Conservation is on the rise year by year. In addition to the authors of our school, we should also actively attract submissions from outside authors. The research results to some extent reveal the research hotspots and development trends of the soil and water conservation industry, which can provide scientific references for readers and related research.

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  • Received:October 08,2023
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  • Online: December 27,2023
  • Published: December 28,2023