Organic Carbon Distribution and Molecular Structure Characteristics of Soil Aggregates in Fuding Tea Garden

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    The soil of tea garden in Bailin Town (BL), Diantou Town (DT), Panxi Town (PX), Guanyang Town (GY) and Taimushan Town (TMS) in Fuding City, Fujian Province were taken as the research object. The composition and stability of aggregates, organic carbon content, carbon sequestration contribution rate and infrared spectrum of organic carbon of each particle size aggregates were studied to reveal the distribution and molecular structure characteristics of soil organic carbon in tea garden soil from the aggregate scale. The results showed that: (1) The composition of soil aggregates differed among sampling sites, but with the deepening of soil layer, the content of macroaggregates (0.25~2 mm) and microaggregates (0.053~0.25 mm) decreased, while the content of silt-clay aggregates (<0.053 mm) increased in all sampling sites. (2) Decreased in mean weight diameter (MWD) and geometric mean diameter (GMD) and increased in fractal dimension (D) of all sampled sites with deepening of the soil layer and decreased in structural stability of the agglomerates. (3) The organic carbon content of the aggregates decreased with the deepening of the soil layer, and the contribution rate of carbon sequestration of aggregates was mainly controlled by the percentage of aggregates, and the contribution rate of carbon sequestration of macroaggregates was relatively larger. (4) The organic carbon of each size aggregates was mainly derived from polysaccharide carbon or aliphatic carbon. The silt-clay aggregates in 0—15 cm soil layer had more stable carbon than those in macroaggregates and microaggregates. The aggregates in the 15—30 cm soil layer had more stable carbon than the corresponding size aggregates in the 0—15 cm soil layer. The research results can provide theoretical reference for the scientific management of tea garden soil organic carbon.

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  • Online: December 27,2023
  • Published: December 28,2023