Effect of Soil Moisture Content on Strength Characteristics of Root-soil Complex Based on Triaxial UU Test

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    In order to study the variation of strength characteristics with moisture content of natural slopes. The influence of moisture content on soil failure, shear strength and initial tangent modulus was carried out by designing reconstituted soil with different volume moisture content (20%, 27%, 35%, 40%, 45%) and two root content (RAR=0.1%, 0.3%). The results showed that: (1) The specimen rupture mode was mostly shear deformation and shear expansion deformation, and when the moisture content was 20% and 27%, the obvious shear penetration surface fracture zone appeared, and the rest of the moisture content was shear deformation. (2) The effect of moisture content on the shear strength of the root soil complex was mainly reflected in the cohesion, and when the moisture content increased from 20% to 45%, the cohesion of the two kinds of root-soil complex decreased by 67% and 72%; when the moisture content was lower than 35%, it could be expressed by logarithmic relationship, and the cohesion decreased significantly with the increase of moisture content; when the moisture content reached more than 35%, it could be expressed by linear relationship, and the decline rate of cohesion slowed down; the shear strength increased with the increase of root content. (3) The relationship between the initial tangential modulus and the moisture content of the root-soil complex under different root content and confining pressure could be fitted by linear relationship, and when the moisture content increased from 20% to 45%, the initial tangential modulus of the two root-soil complex with root content decreased by 43% and 47% on average. Comprehensively considering the influence of elastic-plasticity and plant factors on soil displacement or deformation, the accuracy of slope stability calculation could be improved. The research results can provide scientific reference for the management of plant slope and soil and water conservation vegetation construction, and enrich the scientific theory in the field of root soil consolidation.

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